About ICC

Harnessing Over 65 Years of Service to Help You Thrive

In 2009, ICC acquired a historic building in the heart of downtown Patchogue Village to serve as headquarters, strengthening our connections in an area that has experienced significant revitalization and growth. Since then, we’ve forged strong relationships with the businesses and residents of this vibrant community with an impact that ripples outward to our clients across Long Island and New York.

Industrial Coverage is a family-owned business with a legacy of service and client success that spans over six decades.

In 1958, Michael and Lucille Romeo founded our company to serve a specific need in the community: during a time of booming growth, people wanted insurance protection for their families, property, and hard-earned businesses from a local company they could trust. The Romeos filled that need by offering a unique blend of high-quality insurance products with expert guidance and personalized support. The Romeos were also highly involved in civic activities and philanthropic organizations, working to improve the safety and wellbeing of the community at large. They raised their family in the business with this ethos of service, paving the way for the second and third generations of Romeo insurance professionals who collectively built ICC into one of the leading insurance and risk management firms in the New York Metro area.

Today, ICC is a family-owned business with a leadership team that is stronger than ever, joined by some of the industry’s most skilled leaders in risk management, insurance coverage, employee benefits, and client support. You can expect an unmatched level of service backed by over 65 years of success at helping organizations stay safe and thrive.

Proactive Protection

Times change, and it’s our responsibility to assist your company in adapting effectively for continued success. While evolving circumstances can bring about new risks, they also bring unexpected opportunities. As an ICC client, you gain the advantage of consistent reviews, open communication, and a collaborative relationship that enables us to jointly anticipate changes and adjust protection measures proactively.

The Difference You Deserve

Trust is built through performance, time after time. With greater access to more of the world’s top-tier insurance carriers, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the white-glove service you deserve, at the highest standards of excellence. That’s the Industrial Coverage difference.

Always Open for Business

For over 50 years, our message to customers has been the same: Call us, write us, talk to us. Our availability and personal attention to customers are key factors that keep us thriving together. From our highly trained customer service personnel to our expert executive team, we’ve got you covered. All of us.