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Employee Benefits in America

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At Industrial Coverage our unique approach to service distinguishes us from others in our industry. Not only does it take a large commitment, but requires great consistency. Consistency refers to meeting with clients on a regular basis and forging partnerships typically unseen.

We are not the “cookie cutter” agency who delivers the renewal pricing and visits you on a relatively infrequent basis. Likewise, our approach requires that our clients display a deep desire to involve themselves in the program. In concert with you, we will control loss experience, manage employee’s health and wellness and positively influence future premiums.



Areas of Assistance

Regardless of your plan and carrier selection we will assist in the following areas:

Products & Services

Measured Results

Results will be measured as we deliver:
INDUSTRIAL COVERAGE represents over thirty highly competitive “A” rated companies with a full complement of products and plan designs. All proposals are presented in a format that is concise, easy to read and unbiased. We reserve the right to collect commission and/or collect a service fee, subject to appropriate written disclosures and otherwise subject to applicable state law, which may differ on a state by state basis.